I love births. In a room with a birthing mother I am in my element. As a doula, I have found my passion, my calling. My intuition, trainings, and experience take over as I support a laboring mom.

I am present, peaceful, and patient as I assist you through your birth journey.

This birth is yours to experience how you wish. One of my key roles as your doula is to discern between unwelcome self doubts and a change in your birthing desires thru labor. I supply the encouragement and tools to work through self doubt. I honor your decisions, if you choose to change your birth plan, the support and service I provide will adapt accordingly and respectfully and with out agenda or Judgment.

I am truly grateful to the families who allow me to attend them during their labor and birth of their new baby.
I am trained as a childbirth educator, Hypno-Doula, Spinning Babies, surroagacy doula, and am trained thru Sacred Postpatum to offer Bengkung belly binding and other mother roasting services, I also offer Placenta Encapsulation.
In my nine years as a doula, I have experience with: VBACs, Ceserean births, adoptions, same sex families, single parents, teens, hypno births, epidurals, inductions, sibling support, home births, water births, and may more birth preferences and scenarios.

Co-owner of Blissful Beginnings (doula agency).
Owner of Oregon Placenta

Laura Finnegan