Rachel Basolo
Birth & Postpartum Doula- Birth Arts

Doula Rachel Basolo
Email: rachel@eugenedoula.com
The transition into parenthood can feel overwhelming and immense.  With Rachel on your birth team, you are guaranteed premier support, regardless of your individual circumstance, needs, or desires. Whether you know exactly what you want for your pregnancy and birth or if you are still figuring out all of the options to consider, Rachel helps you sort it out and move confidently forward into parenthood.  Having an unbiased ear and an understanding heart to bounce thoughts and feeling off of is critical in finding your way- it empowers you to have the birth you choose, regardless of what unexpected scenarios arise.


Eugene, Springfield, Cottage Grove, Junction City, Veneta, Pleasant Hill, Coburg, Thurston, Harrisburg, Brownsville,  and the surrounding community in and around Lane County, Oregon USA

Phone: 541.510.4631

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