I believe that all people benefit from support and resources that will help them be aware of the options that are available so that they may make informed decisions concerning their birth experience.  I embrace the evidence that a person who actively participates in their birth will have a healthier birth for their baby, themselves and their family; physically and emotionally. I believe that in every birth, there is room for compassion and respect for the process- regardless of location or circumstance. 
I help clients and their partners become active participants in their birth, supporting them so that they may feel a sense of confidence and power that can be carried forward into their parenting as well as into their daily lives. I encourage evidence-based decision making and supports a family’s choice of what is best for them, unconditionally and without judgment. I have attended and supported births in hospitals and birth centers (and transport between the two), intervention-free, epidurals, inductions, cesareans, VBACs.  I’ve supported clients of advanced maternal age, gestational diabetes and other high risk factors.  Birth matters and I am here to support my clients no matter what route they take or what unexpected circumstances may arise. 

Rachel  Basolo